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The Great Migration of '19

I'm getting started with moving things over to the new site. I'm starting off with the Atlas Maps, making low-res versions for uploading to the Atlas section of the site, and writing short blurbs for each map. The maps in this section will not be very large and can't be zoomed into - I want to make sure to keep high-res stuff exclusive to the Patreon so all my patrons continue to get their perks for supporting me. Once the maps are done, I'll get started making blurbs for the art that I've already uploaded to the Art section of the site. I'll also get cracking on getting as much art added to the site after that. I will also be adding as much lore as possible to the Lore section of the site. I've already started this and have uploaded a primer to the world of Elyden. It's a bit wordy and has no artwork (yet...) but it's a pretty good introduction to the world for anyone whose interested.

I also have the next few maps lined up for the Patreon, one of which has already appeared here (consider it a sneak peek!), as well as more Art commissions of the Demiurges.

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