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Discover the World of Elyden

Worldbuilding and cartography in the world of Elyden

Welcome to the World of Elyden, where I showcase all aspects of the creation of the world of Elyden, from mythologies, cosmogonies, histories, culture, cartography (one of my favourite subjects), taxonomy, linguistics (one of my least favourite subjects) lore and commissioned art.

My name is Nate Mangion (more commonly known across the internet as Vorropohaiah), and I have been working on Elyden for well over a decade now. She was born from the rejects of other stillborn worlds and settings, though has since evolved into a monolithic beast that’s still growing. I have millions of words written or it, from locations, characters and gods, to organisations, events and mythologies. The Atlas Elyden has over fifty completed maps, each showcasing in meticulous detail a nation or region around the Inner Sea and beyond. Every named area in each map, be it a settlement or geographical feature, is further fleshed out in my personal notes.

The culmination of this writing will be the Encyclopaedia Elyden, a 5-volume tome that I shamelessly refer to as my magnum opus (at least I will be able to once it's finally ready). It is the sum total of my adult life spent detailing Elyden. Places, Notable people, organisations, races, religions, gods, maps, flora, fauna, myths, etc. I plan to one day edit it all into a presentable series of volumes that I can publish. I'm well on my way towards doing this - the first volume alone (akin to the Encyclopaedia Britannica of old) clocks in at close to 600,000 words, with well over 3,000 individual entries - though there's a long way to go yet.

You will soon also be able to purchase map prints as well as the Atlas Elyden and Encyclopaedia Elyden from this very page!

You can help support my work on my patreon page. In return for your support you can get access to High-res art, textless maps for use in your personal projects, map PSDs and other  perks.

​Read on, enjoy. And thank you so much for visiting the World of Elyden.

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