The LORE of Elyden

You can find the Lore and background of the world of Elyden here, from ancient histories, to genealogical timelines, to what the Materia Omna is, to how the cyclopean government of the High-empire works.

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Lore fact boxes - small graphics with a short paragraph of text - detail specific regions, customs and histories of Elyden. these are collected on the following page, in no particular order.

The Elyden Directory

A primer for the world of Elyden - start here is this is your first experience with the world

The Materia Omna

A treatise analysing the nature of magic in Elyden. all supranatural activity and acts stem from the so-called Materia Omna - the primal matter from which all was created by the Demiurges

The History of Korachan

A detailed look into the history of Korachan, with some maps to show its extent at various times.