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Slaven is one of the main protagonists of my short stories. A manumitted clone of the Korachani empire, he travels the world of Elyden as an outcast, alone, on the peripheries of civilisation. He observes the decaying world with the eyes of an introvert, speaking little.

     I’ve written a few short stories centred around Slaven and have finished a 1st draft for a novel in which he is the protagonist and learns about his origins, in which he played a vital part in the history of the Korachani empire and will play a vital role in its uncertain future. I really hope to finish this novel one day and make it available to people here.

     In the meantime, you can read the short stories in which Slaven appears.
     Please let me know what you think, thanks!

Below are the names of the stories that I've uploaded, alongside a short description. Just click on the name to be taken to the story.




Short Story


Short Story

Slaven is part of an expedition of the Varrachon - a grotesque mountain in the lands of Varr, now an independent realm, but which was once part of the empire. there the secrets of the mad Demiurge Vorropohaiah are revealed.

20,000 words

Slaven's search for someone from House Thalassa brings him to a small town.

10,000 words

In his search for answers to his past, Slaven finds himself imprisoned in an atelier in Almagest.  

10,000 words

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