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ALLAISHADA: the Resplendent One



First of the Demiurges, otherwise known as ‘the Resplendent One’, ‘the Guardian of Light’, and ‘the Repentant One’. She was reincarnated as the Avatar of Light, known as Sillamé.

      Appearance: in all cultures that now remember her, Allaishada is known to have taken on a form reminiscent of an angel, with female attributes. Her most notable feature was her three pairs of feathery wings that wrapped themselves about her like a cloak. She was tanned of skin, with a single black eye and long dark cascading hair and crowned by a manifestation of her sigil, Ill. Most mortals who looked at her would become unsettled, as looking at an otherworlder.

     Characteristics: there is a great deal of conflict regarding the nature of Allaishada. Many religions that came to worship the Demiurge have her as a being that tested her worshippers with trials, but who was ultimately seen as benevolent.

     The original texts of the Mythologia Elyden depict her as a very different figure – she was a being of emotion, forced to suppress it lest it get the better of her judgement. She was often destructive in her displays of authority with the illidraen and other mortals, but ultimately had the well-being of her children, and her siblings, the other Demiurges, in mind.

     Other Forms: she has been described in various passages of the Mythologia Elyden and as appearing to mortals as a ball of effervescent red light that burnt the eyes and skins of those observing it, even as their thoughts were filled with wisdom and emotion. This was likely the source for her most famous moniker, the Resplendent One.

     Children: the children of Allaishada are the illidraen; mortals of angelic form, very similar in appearance to their progenitor.

     Known Scions: the Mythologia Elyden does allude to Allaishada bearing children during the twilight years of the Demiurges’ tenure on Elyden, though does not specify any. Alliah is a scion who is often claimed to have been sired by Allaishada.

     History: Following Duruthilhotep’s sharing of the secrets of shaping with his children and its eventual dissemination throughout the rest of the Two-and-Twenty tribes, Allaishada became his best student and a major proponent of its use, and became known as the Guardian of Light.

     Alongside many of her siblings, she felt a deep sense of failure and hollowness at the Demiurge’s loss of their divinity following their actions during the First Age of Shaping, and spent much of the rest of her existence trying to repent. Perhaps alone amongst the Demiurges, she taught her children, the Illidraen, about The Shaper, which gave them an insight into the creation of the world that most of the other mortal races lacked.

     Despite her actions, she did not fully understand why she and her siblings were found to be fault.

     It was she who called the conclave that would eventually lead to the construction of the Bridge of World; a monumental act of hubris that attempted to reach out to The Shaper. Construction of the bridge was ultimately thwarted, and Allaishada’s sense of abasement would only increase from there.

     Following this time Rachanael would slowly distance himself from his siblings, growing stronger with the Atramenta, stealing a part of the spark of The Shaper, becoming Umbávar, avatar of the Atramenta.

     Seeing the danger of this, Duruthilhotep bestowed upon Allaishada a fragment of his own divinity. The Shaper in turn gifted Allaishada with part of their own spark, turning her into Sillamé, Avatar of Light. After this, Allaishada was no more.

      Sillamé was reborn in the Fourth Age, possessing once more the body of Allaishada. Rachanael was able to escape the shackles of being the vessel to the Avatar of Shadow and as the Third Age gave way to the Fourth he performed a rituak that sundered the Avatar from his vessel. This left him weak, but no longer bound to the Avatar. The Avatar, requiring a vessel to posses, was reborn as Ulluíannau, even as memory of Rachanael was lost between ages.

     Sillamé and Ulluíannau remained opposing forces, and this rivalry would slowly consume her and her tribe until it grew into a great war, now known as the Shadow War.

     The conflict ended only after Sillamé defeated Ulluíannau following an epic battle that lasted generations, and imprisoning him beneath the deserts of Kharkharadontis. This conflict effectively ended the Fourth Age of Mortal Life, leaving Elyden a wasteland, albeit one in which Rachanael was no-longer a factor. The illithame were left decimated by the war, and are now close to extinction.

     Sillamé once more possessed the vessel of Allaishada at the dawn of the Fifth Age, though the otherworlder Malichar smote her, sundering her body upon the north-face of the Acharkharan Mountains, where her body is thought to remain to this day. So was the tale of Allaishada brought to an end.

     Sigil: Ill.

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