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STORIES and other fiction

This is where I share all works of fiction I've created for Elyden, including flash fiction, short stories and serialised writing. Most of the more recent writing is in the form of flash fiction that I write to coincide with the publishing of a new map for the Atlas Elyden that goes up on my Patreon page.

Below are the categories of story that you can find for Elyden. click on the subject for the list of stories that are available.

Slaven is one of the main protagonists of my short stories. A manumitted clone of the Korachani empire, he travels the world of Elyden as an outcast, alone, on the peripheries of civilisation. He observes the decaying world with the eyes of an introvert, speaking little.

     You can find his stories in this section

I've recently started writing flash fiction to accompany every new Atlas map I make. These are short pieces, maybe 1,000 - 2,000 words each, detailing a typical scene in the relevant nation, or a day in the life of a stereotypical resident. These stories rely on tropes and cliches that are inherent in the region depicted.

This is where random stories and flash-fiction that are unrelated to the above go to live once they are finished.

     I'll be updating this section with any new stories as I write them,

An interactive serialised novel where patrons get to vote on key outcomes and choices in the story 

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