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Nation vignettes

Here are the nation vignettes I've been adding to my Patreon updates for new Atlas maps. I've collected all old Vignettes here and will be adding new ones here after they've been available on early access to all my Patrons. Feel free to become a patron for early access such content as well as maps and exclusives like Textless maps, high-res maps and PSD files.

A shaper finds herself in a brutal city-fight and needs to carry out her orders whilst keeping her men alive.

A traveller in the Anubian desert encounters more than what he bargained for.

A Cyhlagharri merchant looks over some new wares to arrive in his market...

A wealthy Khitaian nervously awats the return home of his sister, who has given up her freedon to become a sister of the archaic Rite of the Volute.

A Saragosi ambassador visits Naareth on a new diplomatic appointment.

An adventurer from the Soleyn terrtories in sojourning in Suor, and his guide experiences some culture-shock...

A Korachani inquisitor's repose is interrupted

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