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Elyden started as a setting for my short stories and fiction, but the act of worldbuilding rapidly superseded the creation of new stories. 

     Looking back on my old writing I don't realy feel the want or need to share them with the world, for various reason.

     However I do, from time-to-time, get the urge to write something. Usually atmospheric pieces designed to showcase something particular about the world of Elyden, they tend to be short, of just a few thousand words at most. Rarely I might write something longer that can be considered a true short story or novella


Short Story

A reculse living in an abandoned lighthouse makes a fateful discovery.

3,000 words


Flash Fiction

A bounty hunter returns home with his prize.

650 words

A pearl diver finds more than he was expecting to

3,400 words

A scholar finally makes the journey to the Prison Carceri, but what he finds was not what he was looking for...

6,700 words

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