Hi there! I'm a freelance cartographer based in Malta, a country with a long history and cartographical tradition. I've been worldbuilding and making maps for as long as I can remember and became Photoshop ACE certified specifically so that I could make maps for my world of Elyden, which I have been meticulously working on for close to 15-years now. 

When not working on Elyden I am busy working on commissions for authors, roleplayers (both casual and professional), as well as for other projects, so feel free to get in touch with any projects you have in mind, and I'll be more than happy to discuss the project with you, with no commitment requests.

Though my work on the Atlas Elyden is in a more modern style, using hypsometric levels (commonly referred to as topographical maps), I also enjoy making more traditional fantasy maps, as well as city maps, and simple architectural cross-sectional illustrations. I started out in a more traditional fantasy style and am able to approach maps from a variety of styles, as you can see below. I work in digital media (using photoshop) using a Wacom tablet, so the maps are still hand-drawn, albeit digitally, though some elements may have been drawn on paper and scanned. No parts of my maps are procedurally generated, and every part is made from scratch.    


"Cartographers Choice best large area map winner 2021"


"An experience worth having! Nate is hard-working, accomodating, talented, and well-proven in his ability. I highly recommend his services as you will not be disappointed."


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